I Don't Mind by John P. Album Artwork(Louisville, KY) MadebyJP.net Production Studio is pleased to announce the release of “I Don’t Mind” by the artist John P. “I Don’t Mind” marks the 9th release for the artist and first full length album. Previous releases include the singles “Faded Memory”, “Tuesday” and “Creep” alongside several EP’s.

Release Title: I don’t Mind
Artist: John P.
Type of release: Full Album
Genre: Alternative, Rock, Alt Country, Pop, Indie
Release Date: April 14th 2023
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About the Album:
While the theme of the album has a strong rock/alternative feel, it also includes tracks that could be considered pop, alt country, industrial, rock, & indie. “I Don’t Mind” can only be described as a genre-bending music experience with a call back to alternative radio from the 80’s and 90’s with a more modern sound. The artist takes you through a vivid sonic soundscape and emotional journey throughout this album. Lyrical themes of the songs range from self acceptance, to falling in love over and over, to broken friendships, to just sitting and enjoying being where you are. Each track offers a refreshing new feeling that isn’t found in many albums.

The Artist: John P. About the Artist:
John P. is the definition of “Artist”. From music, to traditional art, graphic/web design, videography, etc. He bleeds creativity. His wide range and depth of musical styles make him stand out in an industry of “cookie cuter” artists. His singles have had radio airtime and he has had “on air” interviews as well. John P. also has a strong online presence including over 8k followers on TikTok with millions of views on his videos. He’s a genuinely kind person and always sees the best in people. He loves to share knowledge and has a huge soft spot for all animals.

Media Contact:
MadebyJP.net Press Team
Email: pr@madebyjp.net
Artist Website: https://madebyjp.net/johnpmusic/