Mixing and mastering

When it comes to releasing music, mixing and mastering is one of the most important factors to get your music sounding as professional as possible.

Let us help you make your next release sound amazing!

Our Mixing and Mastering Services

We offer professional quality mixing and mastering projects. No matter how big or small your project is, we are here. We work very closely with our artists to make sure they are happy with their mix and/or master. We want you to be as proud of your track as we are when we finish the mix and master.

Audio Mixing Services

If your an artist that has recording capabilities, but just needs help getting your mix sounding professional we provide stem mixing services.

Audio Mastering

We master tracks for a wide range of artists. If you already have a track mixed and you just need it mastered we are here to help. We master tracks

One on One Training

With technologies like Skype we can work with you in your own DAW and help you learn better ways you can mix your own project.

General Pricing Guide

Every project is different, but to give you a general idea of what we charge for our mixing and mastering services you can check out our chart. If you have a project, we would like to talk to you to discuss a pricing plan that works for you and your project.

*Pricing based on availability and subject to change.

Planning on releasing and EP or album? Let us know!

Our pricing is based on a per track basis. If your planning on releasing an album or EP, make sure to let us know so we can make sure that all of the tracks are mixed and/or mastered at the same time for a more consistent sound.

Audio Samples

Check out some of the great tracks we’ve worked with. You can listen to samples of our mixing and mastering services.

KR McCall

Type of work:
Production, Mix & Master

Service Rendered:
Mixing & Mastering

Surrender Master

by RK McCall | Single

Shane Caraway

Type of work:
Track Master

Service Rendered:

How could you be wrong Demo/Mix

by Shane Caraway

No Mix Done

What our clients have to say about working with us

I listened to them back to back and I don’t know how to describe it but, you took it from a SoundCloud to something I’m now very excited to post on Spotify and Apple Music!

Shane Caraway


Wow 🤩 just wow it’s so hard because I start listening to like the background vocals and I’m listening to the bass line as it pops out lol I think it sounds brilliant… This sounds so good it sounds so good!! I just can’t even believe that this is real. I just can’t thank you enough man I love you and I love your work!! I am so excited about what we’re going to do🤩🤩🤩

KR McCall


Mixing and Mastering Services FAQ

We understand that you might have a lot of questions about the mixing and mastering of your song and we are happy to answer them. We want you to be comfortable working with us.

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked before starting a project.

If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer.

What does your mixing service include
The mixing of a track includes taking the stems from your track, mixing them utilizing professional plug-ins. Making sure they mix well together. It is your job to provide clean stems to work with, but we will work with you if there are issues in the recordings.
What does your mastering service include
Depending on the track, we take your wav or mp3 final mixed version and master the track. We use -9lufs as our goal for loudness on the track, and we also use professional grade tools such as compression, saturation, limiters and others depending on what the track needs. We will also work with you or your audio engineer if there are any issues in the mix that come out during the mastering process.
What files do I need to provide to have mixed
For our mixing service, you will need to provide completely dry stems free of reverb, EQ, delay, etc. The only effects that should remain on a track would be say, distortion on a guitar, or effects that are used to make the instrument sound only.

Each instrument or vocal track should have it’s own stem and be recorded at the highest volume without clipping.

What if I'm unhappy with the mix or master?
If you are unhappy with your mix or master in any way, you let us know what it is about the mix/master that you don’t like and we will fix it. We want you to be happy and proud of your music, so we will work with you to make sure you are.
What deliverables do I get when the mix/master is done
For a mix only project, we provide a mixed version that can be sent to an audio engineer for mastering or mastered by us. We also provide all stems with the effects that we used (this helps us future proof your mix).

If you are working on a master only project, we provide a mastered version that you can upload to your distributor.

Note: Due to the many plugins we use we do not provide DAW sessions.

How long does a Mix/Master take?
Every track is different so this can vary. The average time for a mix is 10-15 hours of time for a full band mix and mastering takes approximately 3-5 hours. So this could take anywhere from a day or two, to a week. We work with you and keep you informed on how long each project will take.

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