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Episode 5: The Good Gamble

This week we talk with The Good Gamble about her latest releases, working with other artist, and overcoming personal struggles to create awesome music.

Learn more about The Good Gamble and listen to her music here:

Follow The Good Gamble on TikTok: @thegoodgamble
or follow her YouTube Channel: @thegoodgamble1196

Episode 4: Twelve Days in June

In this episode of the John P and J show, we interview Dave AKA Twelve Days in June, where we discuss the production of his upcoming single Sillouettes and talk about music marketing.

Check out Twelve Days in Junes Links:

 Episode 3: VLNTNO

In this episode of the John P and J show, we interview VLNTNO and discuss his latest release AEIOU!

Check out VLNTNO’s Spotify Artist Profile

Episode 2: Laurlyn

In this episode we interview Laurlyn and talk to her about her latest single Honey.

Honey is the 2nd release for Laurlyn.

Check out Laurlyn’s Links:

Episode 1: Meaco

In this episode of the John P and J show, we interview Meaco and discuss his latest release “Just Do You!”

Just Do You is Meaco’s 2nd release as an independant artist after cutting ties with record labels.

Check out Meaco’s links here

You can follow him on TT: @meacomusic

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John P.


John P. is an audio engineer and artist with music releases on all major platforms.

He also works with artists as an audio engineer helping with mixing and mastering for their releases

He also has a strong presence in the TikTok music community

J Griff


J is a musician and artist with releases under SoonKidSoon on all major streaming platforms

He has been a huge influence in building the TikTok Music community

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  • October 4th – VLNTNO – AEIOU
  • October 11th – Twelve Days in June – TBD
  • October 18th – No Show

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